Are you ready to build your dream home in Vancouver?

NaturalPlus can bring your family’s new home to life.


NaturalPlus Mission and Beliefs

At NaturalPlus, we work with modern families who dream of coming home to a unique space reflects their lifestyle and personality. Our team believes that a home is where your family should feel most safe, secure and relaxed.

NaturalPlus homes are sustainably built to last and blend the convenience of high-end technology into family-oriented homes.


Living in a LEED-certified home doesn’t limit luxury; it elevates your quality of living and improves the environment. Families who live in a LEED home are generally healthier, and they help improve the environment around them. LEED homes use fewer resources, are built using non-toxic, reusable, or recycled materials, and don’t harm the environment.

NaturalPlus homes are built to match the standards of Energy Star LEED and protected with a New Home Warranty.


Recent Projects